A new way to fund your CI Program

Study now, pay later.

We've been working hard to find ways to make our Programs more accessible to a greater number of students, and finally, we've got an amazing option that upholds our outcomes-focused ethos.

We know the barrier of funding a CI Program is there, and we've found ways to lower that for the applicants who need it most, such as our Student Aid offering, and rewarding success in a Program for everyone through the Tuition Rebate scheme. Nevertheless, opening the door to a CI Program for as many students as possible is something we're always trying to do.

I'm pleased to announce the launch of our Income Share Agreement (ISA) offering. In short, ISAs mean your Program Tuition is no longer an up front cost of enjoying a Program. Instead, we agree to take a small percentage of your income upon you entering employment for a set period of time.

ISAs provide a few key benefits over traditional financing options like loans:

  1. ISAs don't accrue interest on the total amount funded.
  2. There's a fixed repayment term.
  3. Repayments only occur when you're earning enough to support them
  4. There's a cap to limit the amount you repay
  5. If for whatever reason you're unable to find employment for a sustained period of time, we simply close the ISA and wish you well.

Through offering ISAs, we're doubling down on the efficacy and durability of a City Internships Program. We know our Alums get into employment substantially quicker than their peers, and also earn quite a bit more. Offering ISAs could not be a stronger signal of confidence in what we do and how we achieve those outcomes for students.

Our partner in this endeavor is Leif. They've have been on the forefront of ISA program management since their rise in popularity began a few years ago, when Purdue University became one of the trailblazers in offering alternative funding. Since then, ISAs and Leif have gone from strength to strength, providing a low risk, predictable financing method for those pursuing education.

As of now, ISAs are only available for our Global Accelerator Programs, and also only to U.S. Citizens.

If you're interested in an ISA, let us know here, and we'll get in touch with some more information.