CI is excited to announce our Q2 Scholarship Contest.

Faculty members and student organizations have the chance to nominate three seniors to enter a draw for one of three full-sponsored places on the Fall 2017 Global Vanguard Program.

The Global Vanguard Program includes a twelve-week internship placement with a leading company, alongside our series of career discovery and skill development classes and workshops, in one of 12 global cities and 9 fields:

12 cities:- London, Paris, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Sydney, Hong Kong

9 industries:- Banking & Financial Services, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Consulting & Professional Services, Technology & Engineering, Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Media & Journalism, Law & Politics, Art, Fashion & Design, Charities, NFPs & NGOs

To learn more about the program and to apply outside of the competition, visit: https://city-internships.com/global-explorer-program-vanguard/

Nominate up to three deserving seniors by emailing competitions@city-internships.com with the subject line ‘CI Q2 Scholarship Nominations’ and including the following information for each nominee:

  1. Name, major and anticipated graduation year;
  2. A brief explanation (up to 75 words) of why you have chosen your nominee(s);
  3. And, so that we can contact all finalists on May 1st, your nominee(s) college email address(es)

The deadline to submit nominations is midnight on April 24th. Fifteen finalists will be drawn from all nominations on May 1st with three winners to be selected by public vote concluding May 8th.

You are advised to seek permission from all nominees before submitting your entries.