The Artist Formerly Known as City Internships

Our adoption of “CI” reflects a subtle but significant milestone for us. Losing three syllables from our name will certainly yield some significant time savings over our next five years, but, much more than that, our new name better captures the meticulous year-on-year evolution in the breadth and depth of our immersive, experiential education programs.

In 2011, we exclusively offered financial services-based internships, with a comparatively light program curriculum, in the City; an area describing London’s historic financial district. And, in a moment of unbridled creativity chose our what-it-says-on-the-can name, “City Internships”.

Since 2011 we have grown geographically; from one city to 12 spread across five countries. We have grown sectorally; from exclusively financial services to an additional eight sectors covering virtually the full spectrum of high-value career paths available to graduates.

And, perhaps most significantly, we have continually grown and innovated the curriculum attached to our programs, which now include our Career Navigator Series and Future Leaders Series of workshops and seminars. Students may also sign up for intensive vocation-based courses, to meet the in-demand skills valued in today’s dynamic economy.

And while the work experience element of the program, the “internship”, remains a critical component to all our programs, the word does not however fully capture the value our students gain from being immersed in a global city, with a direct link to leading hiring companies and fully-invested career coaches, while being pushed to achieve their potential by a cohort of like-minded, high-potential go-getters.

So, though it has served us and our students well, we feel we have outgrown our name. “CI” captures our history, what makes us what we are and what got us here today, and points to the enduring and far-reaching value we offer our students; life-long Career Intelligence.

Lewis Talbot, Founder

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