10 Great Podcasts for Interns & Young Professionals

By: Shannon Looney, July 18th 2018

In recent years, podcasts have become immensely popular. Sites like Apple’s Podcasts, Spotify, or the NPR App make it easier than ever to subscribe to your favorite shows. Whether you incorporate them into your morning routine, tune in during your commute to work, or listen before bed, this new(ish) form of media is an excellent resource for information, education, or even comedy. Below I have compiled a list of 10 awesome podcasts for interns and young professionals!

NPR Up First
If you share in the view that it’s important for one to stay updated with world news, this is the show for you. This NPR produced podcast offers weekday episodes which brief you on topics within politics and pop culture, ensuring you begin your day with a healthy dose of current affairs. Available at 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time, it’s perfect for a morning commute. Each update, ranging from 10-12 minutes, is a bite-size chunk of news for those on the go.

The Intern
When you enter into a new internship or next stage of your career, it is often uncharted territory. In this podcast, Allison Behringer takes you on a journey through what it’s like to intern in New York CIty within the tech and media industry. Whether it’s the trials and tribulations of living in the Big Apple or her experiences in a new office, she unveils the realities, positives and struggles of interning.

Beyond the To-Do List
Aimed at helping you to increase personal productivity, in this show, Erik Fisher interviews people about the strategies they have put in place to succeed both personally and professionally. Episodes cover the importance of a routine, increasing mindfulness, and how to prioritize those activities that will ensure you are more productive day-to-day. There is an episode for every stage of your career and life. Listen and begin changing your habits today!

Millennial Money
Understanding your finances and the lifestyle choices that impact your bank account is an important aspect to becoming an adult. Whether you are in college, an intern, or a recent graduate it is vital to be smart with your money! Here, Shannah Game offers easy to absorb money advice, and uncovers ways for you to become a smarter spender and saver.

The College Intern
A great podcast for anyone who wants to tune into the experiences of students and recent graduates as they intern with companies across The United States. You can choose episodes based on the sector or company that interests you most. Ryan Koh, the podcast’s host, provides a weekly installment covering a diverse amount of industries, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The Brendon Show
An excited and inspirational voice to listen to at any time of the day, Brendon’s positivity is clear to hear in his podcast. Talking about topics like taking initiative, turning around a bad day, high performance habits, and more, his self-help episodes are easy to digest, and provide quick, easy fixes to life’s problems.

Career Talk: Learn, Grow, Thrive
This podcast is created by Stephanie Dennis and covers all things career! Sometimes, navigating the professional world can be intimidating, but with an informative and approachable tone, Dennis introduces subjects like selling yourself in an interview, leveraging LinkedIn, and aceing cover letters. Episodes normally range between 10-25 minutes and include extremely beneficial insights to improving yourself professionally.

Adulthood Made Easy
Real Simple’s podcast, Adulthood Made Easy, is hosted by Sam Zabell and discusses a lot of the firsts that young adults experience when growing up and entering the early stages of their career. Zabell’s podcast starts off with her as a recent college graduate and a fresh professional in the real world. She provides advice on salary negotiating, work-life balance, and creating a career that you are truly passionate about. Professionals with decades of experiences, authors, activists, and others also give their input! Negotiating life as a young adult can be daunting but Adulthood Made Easy can be enlightening during this transitional period.

Left Right Center
Some advice I received from a professor during college was to learn viewpoints from all sides, especially in regards to news and politics. Often we hear only one opinion on a story, or we are only exposed to a particular popular opinion, making for a limited perspective. Assessing situations without bias, and having well-rounded opinions can be extremely beneficial. Left, Right & Center is a great way to hear about every aspect of the most recent news and politics stories.

Stuff you Should Know
The dynamic duo, Josh and Chuck, speak on a diverse amount of topics that can range from the history of soda, or how a subway network works. There is truly something for everyone here. Their show is great for feeding the curiosity in us all, and will ensure you are king or queen of the next pub quiz that you attend.

All in all, Podcasts are a great use of time. The diverse amount of information and episodes that are at our fingertips is truly amazing. With new channels being created every day, I am certain that anyone can find a show that sparks interest! Maybe you are sitting at a desk during your internship, need motivation on a Monday morning or just some professional advice, the podcasts above are a great start for anyone seeking some extra knowledge!

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